Ways to increase your income without any additional investment

Ways to generate Income or replace your income without Investment

The options to increase your income without any additional investment are more limited and the common ones that you hear about. You can also potentially replace your income.

  1. Blogging: This is one of the more lucrative ways of earning money. It takes time to build the site and ensure that you have sufficient good quality content. You have to make sure that your content is directed to the web visitors that you want to visit your blog. The blog should be something that you like and then once you have sufficient traffic coming in, you can apply to various advertising networks (Google Adsense, Chitika, Speedyads etc) and have them place ads on your blog.
  2. Pay to Click (PTC) Sites: The Pay To Click sites pay money for every click of the advertisements that pop up when you login with your Username. This takes time and needs quite a lot of patience as it may take several months before you start seeing any significant earnings. These PTC sites also work in an affiliate model and you will get paid more if you have more affiliates signing up with you. The more famous ones are Clixsense, TrafficMonsoon etc
  3. Get Paid to (GPT) Sites: The Get paid To sites pay money to perform various activities e.g. watching videos, taking surveys, signing up for new websites, playing games. The more famous ones are InboxDollars and CashCrate. These will not earn you a lot of money but can get you some pocket money.
  4. Solve Captchas: Another way to earn money is by reading the captcha images and typing the same characters in a text box. This will also not earn you a lot of money but can help a bit.
  5. Affiliate Marketing: You can earn by being affiliates of ClickBank, CJ, EBay, Amazon etc and earn between 4 to 20 % commissions for guiding customers to certain products on your website.
  6. Freelancer: You can be a freelancer and provide various services like content writing, creating websites, SEO, data entry etc and you will get paid based on your skills.
  7. Micro-worker: Websites like mTurk, ClickWorker etc can pay you money for clicking on other websites, writing small articles and performing other small tasks.
  8. Dropshipping: You can earn money by dropshipping i.e. buying from one site at a lower price and selling on another site at a higher price. For this, you need to be an authorized seller at Amazon, Ebay etc and ensure that that the item that you are selling is available. You also need to take into account the seller fees that each site charges and incorporate into the price so that you do not run into a loss. DS Domination is a great place to learn about dropshipping.
  9. Fiverr: You can perform any services on Fiverr and get paid $5 for every service performed.
  10. Youtube: You can upload videos on Youtube and get paid for every visit. You can also get paid by people who have uploaded videos and they would pay you for viewing those videos and posting comments.