Financial Freedom

prova gratis iqoption Financial Freedom – Sounds awesome and feels even more so. Its a state where you have sufficient money and sufficient time to do whatever you want to do. Getting there is the tough part and it means a lot to be able to do so.

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see There are lots of stages of life:

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  1. Having no money or not enough money and no time : This is a stage where most of us are in. We are often working on things which may not give us sufficient money and may not even give us the time we need to spend with our families. Its very familiar to most of us.
  2. Having money but no time: This is another stage where we are working and we don’t have enough time. This is also not too great and something which most of us are sucked into.
  3. Having no money but lots of time: This the 3rd stage where we have no money and lots of time. This is a very stressful stage to be in as we won’t be able to enjoy the free time properly. It still helps us catch up with a lot of the things that we wouldn’t have been able to do earlier.
  4. Lots of Money and lots of time: This is the stage of Financial Freedom and this is the stage where all of us should plan to achieve as we can focus on what we have been born on the earth for. Achieving it is very challenging and there will be lots of naysayers around you who might discourage you. The important part is to have a definite goal and keep on going. Use all failures as stepping stones and learn and adjust your path accordingly.

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